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Wedding Etiquette - Etiquette Rules for Wedding Gift, Invitations, and Guests

“However,” Post advises, “we really encourage people to think about the fact that while it might not be the first marriage for the person you know, it might be the first marriage for the person they’re marrying. We find that most people want to celebrate and honor their friend’s love and commitment with a gift, despite the rule.” 6 How much is too much when it comes to social media at a wedding? If you’re a guest, don’t assume it’s okay to snap cell photos on the big day and upload them to social media. While many couples are now encouraging this activity with hashtags, if you haven’t explicitly been given the go-ahead and do so anyway, you risk ruining the moment for them. “This is one of those gray areas that isn’t really defined,” Whitmore says. “Use your best judgement. When in doubt, don’t do it and give the couple an opportunity to post pictures of their wedding. You don’t want to burst their bubble. 7 The bride is still posting photos months later. What gives?

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On my Wedding day any lady that is more beautiful than my wife at the reception and Church will be sent away,Cos I don't like confusion